Prakriti Mandir

Where Nature is Worshipped

A truly Secular temple of Ma-Prakriti at Green Mall Campus was inaugurated on January 15, 2023. Prana Protista was witnessed by a large number of Nature lovers
Prakriti” is the primal Shakti form of the Supreme God, who creates and nurtures the entire pasture world in the corporeal and incorporeal forms. Nature provides Water, Air, and Food to eat. It provides shelter and medicines. She makes us feels her presence every moment in the form of Rivers, Waterfalls, Mountains, Trees, Plants, Fields & Barns, Sun and Moon, Air and Fire. At the same time, it graces us with its qualities, natural resources, natural beauty, and imagination by mesmerizing and awe-inspiring us.

Worshiping of Prakriti Mata
Prakriti Ma Ka Mandir at Green Mall Dinesh Rawat

In the race to become so-called developing and progressive over-ambitious, greedy, selfish, and ignorant Human beings, destroy and destroy the environment and natural resources, and build factories and tall buildings or Houses and their expansion, for this by cutting Trees and Plants, destroying them, throwing Garbage in Rivers and everywhere, by spreading polluted air in the atmosphere from the chimneys of factories and the smoke of Cars, Trucks, Vehicles, and motorcycles. By playing havoc with Nature andFood, drinking water, and juice packed in stale, chemical-rich closed cans and bottles, more and more people are getting untimely death by becoming unwell. Apart from this, they are also becoming mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally weak.


In such a situation, an Inspirational, self-supporting, hard-working social worker, a successful Businessman, soft-spoken, creative, Nature lover, and a true worshipper of “Mother Nature,” “Dineshji Rawat.”

lovingly worshiping “Mother Nature” through beautifully decorated with different types of beautiful indigenous or foreign trees, plants, and beautiful flowers, in his large beautiful garden like ” Green Mall,” located in the Samukpota area in Kolkata .now realizing reverence, Faith, devotion, commitment towards “Mother Nature” paying obeisances her feet the courtyards of the large garden like “Green Mall” equipped with natural beauty, located in Samukpota area in Kolkata, “Dineshji Rawat,” going to inaugurate her temple first in the world by unveiling statue of “Mother Nature” on January 15, 2023, at 10.30 AM.

On this auspicious occasion, all nature lovers are invited to witness the formation of a unique “All faith Temple.” At the same time, experience a mind, body, and soul-satisfying environment in the lap of Nature at Green Mall.
Millions of native and exotic trees would be waiting to welcome you to a green wonderland.

The organisation was officially launched as a society and was registered as a Public Trust in 2015.

The founder Mr. Dinesh Rawat is popularly known as “Green Miracle Man” for his innumerable contributions in the field of Environment, particularly in deforestation through greening.


Establishment of Ma Prakriti

“Solution to the problem of global warming is in your hands. Politicians, Rulers, beaurocrats and industrialists can't provide a solutions. They are the reason for the problem according to their role in the society”