Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.


Small actions will go a long way to make the planet a better place to live.

We can not expect politicians, beaurocrats, and corporates to take positive actions.

Eco System

To protect a growing population in a changing climate, our ability to adapt to change is deeply intertwined with agriculture and Nature.


Prakriti Bandhu emphasizes the need for recycling, reuse, and restoration in our daily life by reducing the use of excess packaging materials.

Urban Gardening

Green Urban homes make citizens healthier and offset the harmful effects of deforestation.

Inspiring Children

bringing school children to Green Mall and educating them about the importance of green homes, and taking actions to support Nature

Go Green

Founder & CEOPrakriti Bandhu is inspired, educated, and helping people to go green and live in harmony with Nature.

Saving Trees

Millions of trees are saved from felled through the knowledge of execution and replantation of big trees.

Nature Songs

“Prakriti Ki Pukar” and “Prakriti Vandna” melodious songs awake people to the call of the mother earth and inspire them to respect Nature.

Saving Water

Efficient and mechanized irrigation in horticulture and agriculture can save a lot of water for our future generation

“Solution to the problem of global warming is in your hands. Politicians, Rulers, beaurocrats and industrialists can't provide a solutions. They are the reason for the problem according to their role in the society”



What we do ?

Prakriti Bandhu is a Non Profit organisation. We are developing a cleaner & green environment, focusing on environmental assessment, awareness, inspiring and motivating adolescents to go green. 

PRAKRITI BANDHU participates in various environmental activities & programs in association with Green Mall for a cleaner & greener Globe.


Reshmi Chatterjee

Social Activities

He has dedicated himself to serve the nation by way of greening. His Green Mall has the largest varieties of plants in its nursery. He has exposure to International trading business.

Dinesh Rawat

Founder & President

Safal Yogi Dinesh Rawat has dedicated his life to raising the quality of life of every human being. He has knowledge and experience in many areas of life and is a perfect guide.

Chandni Rawat

Vice President

A dynamic personality who is an icon of feminine power. She is a well-known landscape designer. With her creativity, she has impressed corporate houses of eastern India.