our objectives


Go Vegetarian
Eating meat destroys natural resources in many ways.

Green You Home Your green journey must begin from home. Plants absorb harmful toxins and boost oxygen supply.

Plant Tree Wherever Possible Look around and locate spots to plant trees and maintain them. It would be your return gift to Nature.

Compost Kitchen Waste There are methods by which you can compost kitchen waste and convert it into valuable organic manure

Involve in Community Gardening Getting together and creating a community garden with fruits and vegetables would be fun and healthy socializing

Inspire Children to Go-Green Teach children the value of nature and plants. Motivate them to develop a green thumb. They would love it.

Grow Your Vegetables There is nothing tastier than your home grown vegetables and fruits. You can always find some space to grow own vegetables and utility plants.

Gift Plants Everyone loves to receive a gift because it carries an emotional touch. But when you gift a plant, it means much more. It says that you respect plants.

Use Less water in the washroom We must keep our bodies clean. We must practice managing cleanliness with less water.

Redefine Washing Activities Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Saving water is equally important. Strike a balance between cleanliness and saving of water.

Check Leakages of Water Without our knowledge, some water drips down in the pipeline or from taps. Conduct periodical checks.

Use Less Electricity Reducing the consumption of electricity will not only save money, but it would help the environment too.

Check Leakages in Electricity You should check old electric wiring for possible leakages.

Turn off Unwanted Gadgets Quite a lot of electricity is consumed by lights, fans, and other gadgets when they are not in use. Stop this wastage.

Use Less of Washing Machines We must wear clean clothes, but we should clean the clothes when we must.

Use Energy-efficient Gadgets Try to replace your electrical gadgets with more efficient ones.

Reduce Use of Air-con & Refrigerator There are times that you can switch off your fridge and air-conditioner. Be kind to the environment.

Use a Waterless Car Wash You can always skip some of the car wash with water and give a dry clean-up.

Reduce the Use of Your Vehicle You own a vehicle for convenience and pride. You must consider minimal use of your possession.

Use Eco-friendly Vehicles Consider using an electric or battery-operated car. It would be your contribution to the cause

Walk Short Distances Walking is good for your health and at the same time suitable for the environment.

Take Public Transport Sometimes leave your vehicle in the garage and avail public transport.

Use fuel Additives for Vehicle Some additives can improve fuel efficiency. It would help if you did practice using them.

Reduce food waste

Avoid Processed Food Natural and fresh food is good for the health. Processed food takes up a lot of natural resources, packaging, and transportation,

Avoid Using Tissue Papers We can do away with the use of tissue paper on our dining table, kitchen, and washrooms. Use washable cotton material.

Reduce Packaging Waste Do away with unnecessary packaging and save the environment.

Avoid Using Disposables There is a scope of reducing waste by doing away with disposable containers, spoons, cups, and plates.

Reduce printed magazines & newspapers

Insist on online bills & receipts

Reduce the Use of Paper Insist on electronic bills, invoices, and receipts. Read online magazines and newspapers.

Recycle Instead of Disposing Recycle bottles, containers, newspapers, etc.

Use Reusable Bags Use reusable bags and containers for vegetables & grocery.


Our Contribution to Support Evironment

Prakriti Bandhu is a Non Profit organisation. We are developing a cleaner & green environment, focusing on environmental assessment, awareness, inspiring and motivating adolescents to go green. 

PRAKRITI BANDHU participates in various environmental activities & programs in association with Green Mall for a cleaner & greener Globe.

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