“Prakriti Bandhu” is a Public Trust for the benefit of society in many ways. The main objective is to combat the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change by inspiring and helping people to live in harmony with Nature. The Trust takes responsible, preventive, and proactive actions towards the environmental challenge.

Create a Web Portal to Connect ​

Create a web portal to connect all responsible citizens. Enroll them as distinguished members. 

A community of those who believe that we must save a green planet for the next generation would provide positive feedback to all concerned.

Publishing E-Newsletters.

Publishing Newsletters and guiding members on how they can contribute individually and through the community to make planet earth a better place by greening their surroundings. Providing them practical guidance to go-green.

Love Nature and Family

Motivate People to
Take Small Actions to Save Nature​

Small actions by common people can bring about massive changes.


Avoid eating meat
Green your surroundings
Plant tree wherever possible


Helping to Maintain Home Gardens.

To maintain the quality of air in cities and homes, residents must be provided practical help to maintain green surroundings. There are schemes for the supply of instant home gardens through ready pot plants. Technical service is provided for the maintenance and care of plants.

Skill Development Programs

Through Safal Jivan Institute, Green Entrepreneurship training is provided to young boys & girls. Upon completing training, they are provided a loan to buy necessary materials and tools to begin their own small enterprise of maintaining home gardens.

Inspiring School Children

Our next-generation citizens are highly concerned about the future of the planet earth. They must be provided practical guidance to maintain the plants and develop a love for the home garden. Our volunteers visit schools and institutions and demonstrate the ways and means to lead a life in harmony with nature.

Serving Blinds through Environmental Tours

It is amazing to see that those who do not see through eyes, too, experience nature’s beauty and smell. We organize Environment Experience Tours for blinds and other physically challenged persons.

Environment Education for School Children.

We organize Environmental education Tours for school children from Kolkata in batches of 100 -150 students in association with Green Mall. Students are provided a demonstration to maintain their home garden. They are also taught about conservation of resources, their recycling, and avoid wastage in any form.

Compiling Journal of Good work by Corporates, Politicians & Celebrities

We intend to collect journals of the contribution of celebrities in preserving nature. Their feedback in the form of notes and videos would be shared with the public through social media channels. 

Serving through Environmental Songs

For the first time, an initiative has been taken to serve the Environment through Music. Sri Dinesh Rawat’s creative mind has produced two Audio Albums with ten melodious, soothing, and inspiring songs on the environment.  “Prakriti Ki Pukar & “Prakriti Vandana” is poised to resonate in every corner of India.

nature worshiping song

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