about us

“Prakriti Bandhu” is a Non-profit, Charitable Trust working to support Environment in many ways for fifteen years. The organisation has a long-term perspective on Global warming and its consequences. Nucleus of the organisation is that people cannot depend on politicians & corporates for solution as they are the ones who really are the cause of it. So common man should be educated and inspired to take small actions within his capability which in turn can bring substantial change. We are making efforts to educate and inspire people to live in harmony with nature by going green and taking other steps to make small changes in lifestyle by reduce, reuse, and recycle. The organisation was officially launched as a society and was registered as a Public Trust in 2015. The founder Mr. Dinesh Rawat is popularly known as “Green Miracle Man” for his innumerable contributions in the field of Environment, particularly in deforestation through greening.

“Solution to the problem of global warming is in your hands. Politicians, Rulers, beaurocrats and industrialists can't provide a solutions. They are the reason for the problem according to their role in the society”