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About Prakriti Bandhu Society

Prakriti Bandhu Society is an NGO which was initially registered with the Registrar of Societies in 2012. It has been now registered as a Trust for the benefit of Society.

It has been established with an object of combating effects of Global Warming and Climate Change by inspiring and helping people to live in harmony with Nature and by assuming a responsible, preventive and proactive actions towards environmental challenges.

Main functions include

Create a web portal and offer free membership to all responsible citizens who care about Nature and believe that we must save a green planet for next generation.

Publishing Newsletters and guiding members as to how they can contribute individually to make planet earth a better place by greening their surroundings and all other proactive actions.

Create and help others to create sensuous theme oriented green space which will not only enrich environment but be soothing and satisfying to every eye and heart.

Design Eco-friendly bio-diversity places in form of Eco-park, Bio-diversity parks, Green resorts and assist interested parties by providing necessary assistance.

Through Skill Development program educate 500 Gardeners so that they can get employment not only Pan India but all over the world.

To organize residential training centers and offer one year training to youth both in field and classrooms so that they can earn and serve environment.

Organize Environment Education Tours to school children so that they start understanding and respecting Nature and get inspired to live in harmony with Nature and to inspire others too.

Organize Workshops, Seminars, Programs from time to time to educate people on environmental crisis and what and how they can contribute even with their small might.

To print and publish articles in media and books to assist people in greening their surroundings.

To make audio and video presentations to create awareness and enlighten people about the cause and effect of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Serve the Environment through Music. For the first time in the world Sri Dinesh Rawat has produced two Audio Albums with ten soothing songs on Environment. To take these songs “Prakriti Ki Pukar & “Prakriti Vandana” to every corner of India.

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