What is Prakriti Bandhu?

It is a forum for all Nature Lovers. Members do pledge “to live in harmony with nature”


Why Prakriti Bandhu?

To-day we all faced with the greatest challenge of Global Warming.  We don’t know how to  save the Nature almost from dying condition.


Objectives of Prakriti Bandhu?

To conduct research, formulate action  educated and inspire people to live in harmony with Nature.


What are the action plans?

A massive campaign to make every student to a responsible citizen of the country.


How can you contribute?

By living in harmony with nature. by reducing consumption of all natural reserve  by inspiring others also to minimize waste and conserve natural resources to their optimum level all the time to come.


Who should Join?

All responsible people of the society with out any reservation and take action participation on their own.


The founder and people behind

PB was conceived by Sri Dinesh Rawat.


No financial contribution

Prakriti Bandhu does not collect any fees, subscription, donation in any from from any one.