What is Prakriti Bandhu?

It is a forum for responsible Nature Lovers. Members pledge “to live in harmony with nature”

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Why Prakriti Bandhu?

To-day we are faced with the greatest challenge in the human history and we don’t know who can save

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Objectives of Prakriti Bandhu?

To conduct research, formulate action in educating and inspiring people to live in harmony with

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What are the action plans?

A massive campaign to make every student and responsible citizen of India member of

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How can you contribute?

By living in harmony with nature. By reducing consumption of resources. By inspiring others also to

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Who should Join?

All responsible citizens of this world may join PB. Membership is available to

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The founder and people behind

PB was conceived by Sri Dinesh Rawat. It was formally formed on Smt. Reshmi Chatterjee,

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No financial contribution

Prakriti Bandhu does not collect any fees, subscription, donation etc from any one