Combating Desertification Conserving Land & Water Resources

Prakriti Bandhu , A Trust working for Environment was launched by Dinesh Rawat the Green Miracle Man with the vision of developing a cleaner & green environment, focusing on environmental assessment, awareness, inspiring and motivating adolescent who are future world citizens.

PRAKRITI BANDHU in Association with Green Mall aims to participate in various environmental activities & programs for a cleaner & greener India.


Sri Dinesh Rawat, 65, a visionary and environmentalist who believes in working and not talking. Since last 19 years he has dedicated himself to the service of nature and Value Education and doing remarkable things silently. He gave up his high-class urban life and shifted himself to a village called Samukpota in 2001. He started leading a Sattvic life in harmony with Nature and doing great things for the society and environment.

He submitted a plan to the Prime Minister of India to make India the greenest country in the world, he submitted a plan to the Government of west Bengal through which Bengal could be hub of horticultural activities.


A World Where
People and Nature Thrive

We work to meet this ambitious goal by focusing on key areas of conservation.

Prakriti Bandhu (Trust) has a long-term perspective on Global warming and its consequences. Nucleus of the organisation is that people cannot depend on politicians & corporates for solution as they are the ones who really are the cause of it. So common man should be educated and inspired to take small actions within his capability which in turn can bring substantial change. We are making efforts to educate and inspire people to live in harmony with nature by going green and taking other steps to make small changes in lifestyle by reduce, reuse and recycle which could avoid desertification.

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