MAN BEHIND and the journey

An Unbelivable Journey of Transformation…
It was December 26th, 2004, Tsunami brought a massive disaster to 14 countries and about 2.5 lakh people lost their lives. Ocean earthquake and Tsunami perturbed conscience of Dinesh.  He was in Sri Lanka on that unfortunate day. Seeing the devastation, he understood that nature has given a warning that if human beings do not change the way they are conducting life, Global warming and climate change would result in more natural calamities.His conscience was speaking loudly…  READ MORE

Inspire and Help City Dwellers to Go Green!

Prakriti Bandhu  is  a  Public Trust working for Environment for developing a cleaner & green environment, focusing on environmental assessment, awareness, inspiring and motivating adolescent who are future world citizens.
PRAKRITI BANDHU in association with Green Mall participates in various environmental activities & programs for a cleaner & greener India.

Politicians and Corporates
Can Not Provide Solution

Prakriti Bandhu (Trust) has a long-term perspective on Global warming and its consequences. Nucleus of the organisation is that people cannot depend on politicians & corporates for solution as they are the ones who really are the cause of it. So common man should be educated and inspired to take small actions within his capability which in turn can bring substantial change. We are making efforts to educate and inspire people to live in harmony with nature by going green and taking other steps to make small changes in lifestyle by reduce, reuse and recycle which could avoid desertification.
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